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21gal Reverse Flow Patio Smoker

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Hello again, now that I've finished up my 250 Reverse Flow Trailer,


With how successfull that build came out, I've been asked by a coworker if I could build him a smaller one. I just so happen to see this old compressor at a friends house in the back of a pickup truck headed for the scrap yard.

When I asked him if he was planning on using it he said "nope, just gonna scrap it. If you can use it though take it with you."
I didn't wait for him to think about it or change his mind, it was loaded in my truck about 3 minutes later.
I will take alot of pictures along the way and keep posting updates as frequently as possible.
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Nice, I'm going to keep an eye on this one, I'm nearing completion of my ~35 gallon compressor tank patio build



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So the day wasn't as productive as I would've hoped, but I intentionally took my time to prevent as much heat build-up as possible from causing the door to spring.
I got the door cut out and the FB to CC opening cut out, and I rinsed all the crud out of the tank.

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110.gif I'm in.. have about the same size tank...
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Originally Posted by JckDanls 07 View Post

110.gif I'm in.. have about the same size tank...


......yeahthat.gif.....  I have a tank like that too.... Just ain't got around to it yet...... popcorn.gif....... popcorn.gif ......... 



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Got some more work done on the smoker that my friends and family refer to as "Mini-me" got a few pictures taken also so I figured I would share the progress.

Here I made the fire hinge the same as I did in the trailer smoker only smaller.

As you can see here I put the hinges on the wrong side causing the firebox to open from the rear of the smoker.
I blame that on force of habit and my being right handed.

here is another picture of the firebox with the removable grate installed, and you can see the angle I added to reinforce the firebox door.
here is a picture where the firebox joins the cook chamber.

last but not least I got ahead of myself in building the cart for the smoker and didn't take into consideration the weight of the firebox when placing the rear wheels. So I'll be cutting those off and placing them a little further under the firebox.
Right now it wants to tip over from all the firebox weight, and by the time I add the baffle plate and smoke stack it won't be getting any lighter.
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So while I was working on the smoker yesterday, my wife comes out to the shop and says "What do you have left to finish?" While I was explaining she said "I can use the grinder and wire thingy to get the old paint off, if that will help"
Now I'm not sure what the consensus is but I'm thinking that should get her a wife of the year award.
btw the wire thingy is a wire wheel on a 4 1/2" grinder

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That looks great so far. Ill definitely be following this one....

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So I spent this morning moving the wheels further under the firebox. Here is a few pics

is definitely more stable now, it just sucks I lost 3 hours to making this adjustment.
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JW, afternoon.....   That is a good lookin' smoker.....   icon14.gif.....     Dave

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Got a little more work done this morning, I've got the baffle plate in. This is the only picture I got today

I got the flange on the door, and the flat bar bowed the door a little bit. Not so much I can't fix it though. Tomorrow I will make the hinges and mount the door.
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Got the first fire in it today, I wanted to confirm the air flow was right before I put the grate and gate rails mounted.

it kept good air flow and the smoke thinned out just right after about 15 minutes to heat up to 250.
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Got the handles on the firebox, ash pan, and cook chamber.
Also got the thermometer mounted in the main door.

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JW, morning..... I'll tell you what......   Blind welding those door seals sure makes the FB & CC look good....

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Got a little more shop time this morning.
Got the grate made, and slide rails mounted in, also got two clamps mounted to the tank to apply slight pressure on the lid to hold it closed. Didn't have the need on my 250gal build as the doors were plenty heavy enough.

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man.. really liking this build.... think there is enough room for a beer can chicken to stand up and not hit the top ?
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I've never cooked a beer can chicken so I'm not sure on the height requirements. However I've planned that it will hold a rib rack if I need to cook 2-3 racks.
That beer can chicken sounds like it might be good to try for a first cook on this one though.
Does anyone know how much height clearance you typically need?
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the length of the chicken. I guess it verys but about 10-11 inches should be good.

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that's what I was thinking... 10-12 inches when sitting on a can
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So there isn't enough room to do a beer can chicken, there is 7" from the top of the gate to the top of the cook Chamber.
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