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BBQ and Smoking German Style

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Just came back from the Rhine Valley in Germany over the Wine Festival Season and thought you might like to see some of there techniques


German engineering



Vines wood for burning



Part of festival









Yum Yum i hope they are interesting !

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Great pics! I hope the Brats tasted nothing like Johnsonville....JJ

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Great rotisserie!

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Thanks for sharing! I know those brats taste nothing like the ones here in the US!

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They were great - and the pork on skewers were better !
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Just got back from Germany myself, where I enjoyed a couple of beerfests and witnessed similar cooking apparatus next to the Rhine river.


Sorry, no pictures though....

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Birds are better over the coals is all I know... Would love to try the vine wood!
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Looks great. thanks for sharing.


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What great Qview. Makes me want to go. Thanks for the post.



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