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Slow down and grill

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This thread was inspired by "oldschoolbbq" who had this to say a few days ago:

"The World is getting too fast, as the Kingsford Commercials say, 'Slow down and Grill" or 'Smoke' if you will.".

I was in a hurry because today was Sunday and as usual I was a bit hungover. Drank about 8 beers at the Michigan Q Gathering, and then went home and had about had some more.

So anyway I wanted to start up the gas grill and get on with the program. It was about 7pm, and I'm working 60+ hours a week!! Thought about the "slow down thread" and said to hell with it, I'm starting up the kettle!!!

Coals a burning!!!

Chicken on for the next few days lunch (salads with chicken).

Swig-A-beer for the workin' man!!
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Love the Detroit coozy(sp?). I don't get to see much Michigan stuff out here in Utah. And the weekends are made for slowing down and takin her easy, so enjoy.

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So as we grill I look over and notice Casey "The Dude" sniffing round the grill. Nothing new round these parts! But the hell with it here ya go dude!

Swig-A-Beer for the K9!!

The Dude loves a Swig-A-Beer while we're tending the BBQ! But she's 9 now, and were trying to cut back her barley, and hops intake for her so-called "golden years". I don't know maybe I should switch her to light beer.

She seems happy enough so I'll just cut back on the quantity, and skip the light switch for now.

Smoke em' if ya got em'!

This is a great sauce on chicken!

And the sauced chicken is looking good! Will make for great salads next week for lunch!
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Sorry Utah not sure what that means.
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The weekends are made for slowing down! I couldn't agree more! And there really is something to be said for starting up that charcoal over your standard gas grill we've all become accustom to.
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Ok on with the show!

T-Bones were on sale! $6.99 is the sale price this year in michigan.... Owell, whatever the cost I need to eat! What's the price of steak round the rest of this great country? Feel free to chime in with your local market rates.

The damn pup is wearing this satellite job cause she was just spayed! Poor baby. Breaks my heart.

Swig-A-Beer for getting a few extra channels due to the K9 satellite hat! Lol!!

T-Bones are moving along. A link of sweet Italian sausage that was left over after making the ABTs for the michigan Q gathering is thrown on as well.

Steaks are about done!
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Cigars out. Moving on to 4th PBR!

T-Bones are done.

Time to eat!!

Looking great with the onions my wife cooked up!

Finished plate has a piece if that sausage, corn, and some garlic, rosemary potatoes.

All turned out great! Start to finish about 2 hours. Would have taken half an hour on the gas job, but it also would have been half as good! Glad I sucked it up today, and did it right!

Slow down and grill/smoke folks! It's worth the time.
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(sp?) is just a way to show that you're questioning the spelling of a word

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Oh! Hahahahahhaa! I do believe "coozy" is correct Utah! Lol! Tigers dropped a tough one today but they've won 12 of the last 14 or something close to that so who's complaining. Living in Utah and your a Tigers fan?
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My dad was born and raised in Michigan (Ann Arbor) and there's a family joke that he brainwashed me while I was still in the womb to love all Detroit teams lol. And yeah, the Tigers have been tearing it up recently.

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Ann Arbor!!!

Swig-A-Beer for the maize and blue!!

Being brainwashed to love michigan sports teams ain't such a bad thing! Not like Utah has a baseball team. Lol!
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Just ate my lunch salad with that grilled chicken from last night! Pretty damn tasty! Would have taken a picture or two but my bigness couldn't wait to eat it! Lol! I'll try to get a pic of tomorrow's salad. Wish I had a PBR for the workin' man right about now!
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See , Hillbilly. I was right ,Huhicon_question.gif And you had a nice day ,right icon_exclaim.gif. ROTF.gif You Young-uns ... in such a Hurry...


Oh, FYI, the "ABC" button helps with spelling cool.gif . Right above this Box.^^^^^ biggrin.gif

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