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10 hours just took it off the smoker and wrapped in heavy foil and towels and put in cooler for 30 min rest. IT is 198. I hope I didn't take it out to early. Hungry and people on the way. Tired too.
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I really enjoy doing Pork Butt.  It's low and slow and it's really forgiving.   Great job on the mods.    

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After 45 min in the cooler sides and guests it pulled perfectly. I love the apple wood over the hickory. It turned out great and every one was pleased. This forum is great thanks for everyone's tips. The came in handy. I hope to share more smokes as fellow members share theirs. Thank you.

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Looks great man! Great job. I bet yor guests were very pleased with the results
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Very nice!

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Great job Ron! I'm sure everyone enjoyed their meal?

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Great - now I have yet another mod to do - your 3" bolts on the dampers! Great idea, btw.

I flattened mine out and use a dowel to move them but I like your idea MUCH better. Congrats

on all the mods - hope they are working out for you.


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It's a different smoker now. Total control.
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Y'all are making me jealous with the new Mod.
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Originally Posted by Ron Eb View Post

Before the mods this thing would do nothing I asked it to. Now it obeys me.

:77:  too funny! Good work! You get a bump and some points!:points:

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