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Charcol Question!!

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Im a kingsford man! allways have been. But when i cook/cater for weddings people ask me why i dont use Royaloak charcoal i dont know what to say to them because i never have used it before.. So here is where you guys come in... what do you guys think about Royaloak Charcoal?? Thanks
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Royal Oak is good. Supposedly not as much filler in their briquettes.

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Thank you Flash
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Stubbs briquettes are better than either of those IMHO, but I will use Royal Oak.

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i dont think you have to give them an answer IMO....iam also a kingsford man also and wouldnt have it any other way

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I know that a lot of folks here use the RO....I use Kingsford too.  AND...if you like the way stuff turns out with what you are doing....just tell them...."This charcoal works best for me".....just be nice and smile...will get your point across.  They are not doing the are.



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you said nicer than i ever could but exactly what i woulda meant by the way i said it! icon_biggrin.gif

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I am a Kingsford man too!  I have tried both but always go back to Kingsford!

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I use both.  Kingsford for briquettes.  Royal Oak for lump.


Some people get real hung up on such things?


Good luck and good smoking.

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thank you everyone!!
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