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Smoked Leg-O-Lamb marinated in kalamata olive tapenade!

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This came out great but I give all the credit to "Snorkeling Girl" Clarissa, once I saw her lamb done two way I had to try the olive rout.


I smoked mine for 3hour with hickory low and slow and cherry in the amazing smoker tubes. Pulled the leg-O-lamb off the smoker once it reached the internal temp of 120 degrees.  Then it was off to the grill for 3 minutes at 400 degrees for a good sear.  let it rest for 15 minutes and bone appetite.  I steamed some zucchini  out of our garden and baked a nice sweet bake potato with some tzatziki sauces on the side.



Marinaded for 6 hours




On to the smoker



Revers sear








Tzatziki Sauce









The final temp was around 135 degrees and I think next time I'll go to 140-145 degrees.  I cooked this for our anniversary dinner and we both really liked it. Thanks for posting it again  "Snorkeling Girl" Clarissa, this was a great meal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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That looks good to me. Lamb Leg is a different kind of meat. Too Rare and it can be tough and too Well and it is tough. I have found you are right, the Sweet Spot is in the Medium range and pulling at 140*F with a rest should get you there...JJ

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Looks perfect to me. Congrats!

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When I read the title the first thing I thought, Clarissa is gonna drool :) .. Now we are all drooling.. thanks :P Looks great. I love some Lamb Legs! 


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That looks GREAT!

Happy smoken.


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Hi Michael,


Thanks for the shout-out, and your reverse seared lamb looks amazing!!  That final plated shot is a beauty.


Sorry I missed this when you first posted it, I've been so busy with canning the last few weeks that I haven't been spending as much time on the forum.  I'm really glad you liked the tapenade!


And Happy Anniversary!  Have a great day!

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Clarissa your post is the reason I tried Lamb, I've never had it before and will have it again. It turned out great and my wife said that it was her top 2 of the things I've smoked; she loves my meatloaf too


No reason to be sorry about being busy doing what you like!! We both love the tapenade and I want to try it on an elk roast that's in our freezer.


Thank you for the anniversary wishes, it was a great day with a great lady!!



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