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Another SQWIB Teaser

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Ok this one should be easy, I will post the answer this week, I will be away in OC MD next week.

I'm pretty sure Kat will get it right away!


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SQWIB....this looks almost like a close up of peach cobbler or something like that.



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I would agree with Kat, but that would be to easy. So my guess is.........I still have to agree with Kat

Happy smoken.


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I was going to say smoked apple pie. But it sure looks like a piece of bacon in there...

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I'm guessing some sort of Canadian bacon & cheese pot pie

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Agreed...looks like bacon in there too.



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Smoked Bacon QUICHE!

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Here is the answer, and thanks for the great ideas!

Click on the picture to go to the post.


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Looks great.


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