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Cold smoking salmon

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Hey all, how do you cold smoke salmon ?? Is there a specific grill needed ?? I am just confused on how to do this so any info from start to finish is very much appreciated ..,,, Thanks !!
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WHB, evening again.....  you do not need a grill.....  you do not use heat......   smoke, air circulation and low humidity is all it takes.....  brine the fish and use cure #1......  cut into thin strips, dry to form a pellicle, and smoke on and off for days.....  temps usually below 70 deg F....  

There has been a series on Discovery or something like that where the folks cold smoke salmon....   It is a really good watch on how to smoke food...  the old fashioned way.....   



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I appreciate it Dave, I really respect your opinion !! I have seen several of your posts and you know your shhtuff !! LOL !! I know you don't know me cause I am just a novice trying to learn here and am truly humbled by your knowledge and others !! Ya'll ROCK !!
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