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First Poultry Smoke (Q-View)

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Hey guys and gals. New to the smoking forums (past roll call new). I've done about 3 smokes including this one. Well this was a straight forward smoke, fresh 3# chicken boned out with the infamous Jeff's Rub. Smoked in an ECB with slight mods. Used cherry wood chips (dry) in brinkman cast iron chip box. As usual I ran into temp/smoke levels (pretty sure it's just a learning curve) too much white smoke and lots of temp fluctuation (probably from trying to correct white smoke). Overal product came out delicious, although took closer to the 4 hour mark (with 30 minutes in oven) as opposed to the original 2 hours thought (estimating times has been a problem for me). One comment, rub was a bit spicy so may have to tweak rub a bit. Any way here are a few pictures from the smoke, comments/criticisms are always appreciated!



Rubbed down

Tied up and ready for smoker

Final Product
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If its delicious and you like it, we can only compliment the person smoking for a job well done.


Looks good, congratulations on a great smoke!

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Thanks all!
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yep, welcome and not a bad way to learn is it! The ECB can be a bit finicky. I have a few posts about ECB mods that me and a few other guys are doing about the same time, pop over to charcoal smokers forum and look us up. I have a few pics in the ECB Gasket Thread, if you are interested. Keep up the great Q. 

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Looks tasty to me!
Nice job
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That looks fine. Your temp fluctuations may have had an impact on cook time but the biggest reason you went long is...Boned, Rolled and Tied, makes for a much more dense chunk of meat. Chix that size go about 2 hours because they cook from the outside as well as heat getting into the cavity cooking from the inside. Yours was more like a Chicken Roast with it taking longer to cook through...JJ

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Chef, that makes a lot of sense. That never even occurred to me. Thanks!
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Nice , keep it up.....drool.gif

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