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Cherry Cola Ribs CSR's

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I'm smoking a duck tomorrow so I figured I'd throw some Country Style Ribs in the smoker alongside the quack. Picked up some cherry cola and added some salt, redpepper flakes and celery seed to the brine.


I'm shooting for a 24 hr soak to really see the effect of cherry cola. I figure if they turn a little sweet I can counter that with some spice.


Naked meat shot.





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Standing by for the finale!
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Waiting patiently.....
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Very interested:drool
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Are they still cooking? LOL

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Still swimming in the brine since yesterday since 1 pm.  I've never brined with pop before so this will be interesting but hopefully tasty!


I'll be pulling them in 45 minutes, dry rub and putting on the smoker.

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Pulled from brine, rinsed off, patted dry, rubbed with EVOO & my BBQ rub.


The meat had a funny color after soaking for 24 hours in the cola. It smelled pretty strong of cherry coke too and it was very soft. We'll see if 24 hours was too long.


Smoker is holding at 230° and mesquite pelletls are smoking!






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Very interested in how they turn out.

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popcorn.gif Im in as well.. always wanted to try the cola route.. but Im a Dr Pepper guy. Is it just a Coke product that's always used... ? never really looked In to it..

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I am watching too! Thanks for posting.





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iv used dr pepper in my sauce with baby backs before web....once you get to your 2 hour in foil period during the 3-2-1 method, just put your bbq sauce and dr pepper in the foil with the ribs and let it soak up the 23 flavors for a couple hours....check the foil after a hour of course to see if you need to top it off a little bit.....or you could just baste with your dr pepper and sauce mix if you dont foil your ribs

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also have marinated chicken thighs and breast for bacon wrapped chicken in coke so iam sure it would work for DP as well

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Ill keep that in mind. Im not a sauce or foil guy... but next time I do multiple racks of ribs.. since Ive been on here more an more an more... I might just try several different ways.. just for pooop and giggles.... the end results wont be bad .... just I got ribs right where Im a happy man after smoking and eating them :)



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10-4 dawg try it on chicken wings or something like that if you happy with your ribs

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will do.. I like the idea of trying on the csrs... I think it would take it to another level... I wanna go get some now...but I have 2 doubles the next to days... so no time for the long haul of smoking :(

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Raastros2 - How did the chicken breasts and thighs marinated in coke come out?
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we should  prob move this to chicken page or PM me but man they are good everytime...nice and tender and they got a little sweet and spicy to em...i will post the recipe if you need it

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Oh boy!


20 Minutes left in foil and it's time to chow!  I've never foiled CSR's before and it definitely wasn't necesarry this time since they smoked for 4 hours un-foiled to an IT of 181.


Here's before the foil! Done at this point but I'm going for some extra tender CSR's with a more fat rendered out.




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Looks terrific!



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Looks great.


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