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Can't get a "crust"

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I'm by no means a pro or a step down from a pro but I've been smoking meat for several years on several different type smokers. Charcoal, electric, and gas. Charcoal is the one I'm least experienced with. I have a 40 MES now and I can't get a "crust" to save my life. Not sure what it is but I have a feeling it's because I'm a low n slow cook. Should I be smoking at higher tempts when I want a "crust"? I also use a water pan with leads me to believe that could contribute to no "crust". Thanks for any help.
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Hi Moses

Forget the water pan. Some fill it with sand.  I just foil mine and use it catch the drippings.  You will get a bark with your MES if you forget about the water. 

I would also recommend buying an Amaz-N Pellet Smoker for your MES.  It will put out a better and more consistent smoke that your chip tray ever can.  I used my MES for a number of years before I broke down spent the 30 bucks for the Amaz-N gizmo.  I could kick myself for not doing it sooner.  Search this site and you will see hundreds of MES owners tell you the same. 


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Brian, I already have the amazin pellet smoker on my bday wish list which is next month. I can't wait to get it. Where do you put your at inside your smoker?
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Great News  and early happy birthday! It's going to bring your barbecue to the next level. As I wrote mine is new and have just done a few smokes on it.  And I'll never use the chip tray again. 


I have the 5x8 size and it fit perfectly on the small cross bars that your chip tray and heating element are on. You want to place it under your water pan so the dripping from your meat wont put out the smoker. 

Take a peek right here:  Hope that helps. B

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If you want a good bark (crust) slather a layer of yellow mustard and be sure to have some brown sugar in your rub. Works great for pork butt, shoulder, ribs. Spritz with a bit of apple juice a few times during the smoke also. It will add another bit of sugar that will help form the bark. You can use wet to dry chamber method to help you get there also or follow Brians dry chamber method.
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