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Poll Results: Which smoker to choose? Best for holding consistent temps

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 88% of voters (8)
    Weber Smokey Mountain 22 in.
  • 0% of voters (0)
    Akorn Kamado Kooker
  • 11% of voters (1)
    Brinkmann Limited Offset Stick Burner
  • 0% of voters (0)
    Brinkmann 57 in. Vertical Smoker
9 Total Votes  
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I thought the same thing when I ordered mine! I looked all over and couldn't find any on display to see in-person before I bought it.

I got mine through home-depot too via gift cards. Over the holidays and my bday, my family asked what I wanted, so I told them home depot gift cards. I ended up spending only $100 out of my pocket in the end for my 22.5 WSM, LoL
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I have a BBQ store nearby that sells WSMs, but I still bought mine on-line: same price, but no sales tax and free shipping.


Something to add: I saved the cardboard shipping pieces that keep the lid, center, and base from touching each other. I drop them on the ground and put the lid and center cylinder on them when starting the fire, and I use one whenever I need to put the lid down (like when taking the meat off for foiling).


It keeps the edges of these parts from getting scratched, and you won't get grease rings on the patio or deck. I've managed to keep them dry, and so far, they're still doing the job!

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I had an old TV Dinner Tray stand that I use to hold mine up off of the ground.
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That's some great ideas! I would've never thought about that and just set it on the concrete, good call fellas. I had to pay sales tax! 53 bucks devil.gif then I found out tomorrow starts the no sales tax holiday for the weekend in Louisiana. Could've saved twenty but oh well. I got a lot of items to go with it. I had rewards on my bank account that I haven't redeemed and to get a smoker through rewards needed like 100,000 pts, but with my 32,000 pts I was able to get $200 in home depot gift cards. Way to get around the rewards scheme ay? sausage.gif

I'll be posting some views of my assembly when it finally comes in.
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MAN I had my heart set on a Oklahoma joe but now yall making me want a WSM

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I was on the fence about a new smoker, I would definitely get on OK Joe, but it was a couple hundred more than I wanted to spend. I love stick burners, but I smoked on a BGE and it changed my life. This is the cheaper, but not inferior alternative. More cooking space and half the price, plus it can be made into set and forget like a BGE. I'm sure that can be done with an ok joe too. If you get an OK Joe, we have to throw down with some BBQ some time. Might be that competition combo! Ribs and chicken on the WSM, pork and brisket on the ok joe? Haha who knows I just wanna smoke something lol
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I did some pork spare ribs yesterday on the WSM. We like 'em sweet, so I used a brown sugar based rub (with several other ingredients), and during the foil stage, I used more brown sugar and squeeze butter. When I took them out for the last hour, I decided that I didn't need to sauce them...they looked great just the way they were.


I cut off a few and put them in foil for my neighbor. His wife wasn't home yet. He kept opening the foil to pull off a piece, then he'd close it back up. He kept doing this, and by the time I went home, there was no bark left. He kept saying how fantastic they were. I wouldn't be surprised if he ended up eating all of them down to the bone, and never told his wife that I even took some over!


Anyway, I had been taking samples over to his house for a while. He's now hooked: I wouldn't be surprised if he gets a smoker within a couple of weeks.

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Come on now Bob we need some more details lol what kind of wood did you use? Temp and time cooked? I'll tell ya man I'm just itching to get my WSM in and get that baby smoking. I've researched so much, but now I need to make it happen. I won't ask for all your secrets, but what's one ingredient that will make your rub stand out above the rest?

I have a fantasy football draft coming up and I'll be having 9 guys over, so in my efforts to become a competitive smoker, I'm going to do up some pork butt and ribs and have it all ready for when they get to my house. I won't tell them I made it, and see what reactions I get. I want honesty! Lol maybe I'll tell them I made it when we're all drunk icon14.gif

I'm kind of a no sauce guy for ribs unless it's incredible sauce. There's a place here in new orleans, not known for BBQ at all, but it was on diners, drive ins, and dives. They had some of the best ribs I've ever eaten. Stayed on the bone, but tender. Had this incredible blackberry BBQ sauce on it all kissed with hickory. Some good. I made it a point to tell the executive chef that he put out some impressive BBQ for not being a BBQ joint. Nicest guy.

I might be smoking something tonight on my offset for old time's sake, will have to post some Q-View!
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TwoBean: I don't mind sharing at all, but keep in mind that we like ours sweet, and I'm just a backyard enthusiast...not an expert!


I don't measure anything: it makes it interesting! I probably should measure to be more consistent, and especially to remember what I did if/when it turns out better than the last time.


I had two racks of ribs (to my surprise, my local meat market had already removed the membrane and trimmed much of the fat). I probably had about 2 cups of brown sugar, about 3 tablespoons of kosher salt (I sometimes use sea salt), about a teaspoon or more each of smoked paprika, onion power, and garlic powder, and a teaspoon or less of cumin. Later on, I realized that I forgot to add pepper. That's another problem with not writing it down!


I slather mustard on the ribs first (you don't taste the mustard when it's all done), add the rub, put them on a tray, cover them in plastic, and put them in the fridge for a few hours. I might have said this before, but if I'm only using the top rack (which has been all of the time for me so far), I put drip pans on the bottom rack. It makes clean-up easier. I usually foil the drip pans so I can use them a few times.


I used apple wood, but not too much. Three or four chunks, depending on their size, are enough for me. I also use the 3-2-1 method (2-2-1 for baby back ribs), and try to keep the temps between 225 and 245. This time, I didn't worry myself to death about trying to keep it right at 225.


In case you're not familiar with the 3-2-1 method:


The first three hours are on the smoker, bone side down. I spritz with apple juice after one hour, and again after two hours. After three hours, I take them off. I have heavy-duty aluminum foil (you don't want the bones to poke holes in your foil when you do this), put some brown sugar and squeeze butter on the foil, and lay the ribs on the sugar/butter with the bones facing up.


Some people add honey, tiger sauce, or other ingredients to the brown sugar and butter. I would have also added the honey if we had any. Also, instead of brown sugar for the rub, I've used Turbinado sugar ("sugar in the raw"), but it's a lot more coarse.


Anyway, you cook the ribs in the foil for 2 hours. Then you take them out of the foil and cook for one more hour, bone side down (just like the first 3 hours). If you want to add BBQ sauce, you do it during this final hour. You can add the sauce in layers several times in this last hour: with the low temps, it won't burn like it would on a grill.


Good luck, and don't hesitate to experiment! If you come up with something good, let us know...

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Forgot to mention that I also added about a teaspoon of chili powder.


There are lots of rub recipes on the internet. Personally, I don't like tons of rub on my ribs: I like to taste the pork.Try some different things, and see what you like best. There are probably as many people that like sweet ribs as there are those that hate them, so what works for me won't work for them at all.

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I'm definitely into sweet ribs. I'd say the perfect mix for Louisiana is sweet and spicy. People like spicy down here, but I think some sweet is key to bring out the sweetness of the pork and let it shine. I have some baby backs in my fridge ready for the WSM. I've heard of people marinating or injecting ribs, I don't think that's necessary. Possibly for baby backs, but what do you think?
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TwoBean: Per my previous post, this is how I marinated my ribs:


I slather mustard on the ribs first (you don't taste the mustard when it's all done), add the rub, put them on a tray, cover them in plastic, and put them in the fridge for a few hours.


The mustard is only used to help secure the rub to the meat. After it sits in the fridge for a while, you'll see a lot of juice on the bottom of the tray. (For that reason, don't use a flat cookie sheet, or you'll have a mess in your fridge!) I usually drizzle some of the juice over the ribs right after I put them on the smoker, but don't drizzle on so much that the rub runs off.


As for injecting ribs, there are a few competition cooks that do it, but I wouldn't even bother with it. I bought a Bayou Classic Stainless Steel injector, and I haven't even used it for the last couple of pork butts that I've done. It's been my experience that if you find better cuts of meat, there's less you have to do to make them taste great. (Hmmm...I actually didn't even think of this until I just typed it: better cuts may be the secret to my recent success! I've switched from buying my meats from a warehouse club to a local family-run store with their own butchers.)


Anyway, this may be turning into a conversation between you and me. Feel free to send me a PM (Private Message). I don't check this site every day, so please be patient if I don't get back right away. I've PM-ed a few people here, and they're very friendly, and very helpful.

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And I should have mentioned: Poke around this site for a while. Check out things like this from Chef JimmyJ:


And this from SoFlaQuer:


And I really, really, really want to do these some day, and put my injector to work. (I wish I had gotten into this earlier, and maybe have been able to get to know Gary!):


Just reading about this got me to buy some of that creole seasoning. It's even great on wings cooked in the toaster oven. (Please don't ban me from the site for admitting to this!)


And someone told me this on this site, and I wish I could remember who it was so that I could provide the proper credit, but: Try to smoke something at least once a week. My average is about once a week, and I've learned a lot in very little time.

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