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Looks great!congratulation_graphics_2.gif

Thanks for shareing.

Happy smoken.


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Originally Posted by themule69 View Post

Nice looking Butt! starting to take on great color.

Now here is the problem. you peeked soBottom.gif fallowed bypb.gif you have to fallow the Rules.gif

Happy smoken.


Waiting of the money shotpopcorn.gif

ha-ha ok I'll take the penalty box any day because it was so worth peeking.  I wasn't going to peek until you started busting my chops for a pic.......My pork butt was off the chart good.  All three of my neighbors showed up for my taste testing "cocktail" party.  I knew it was good because no one was talking while they were eating! All I heard was "oh my gosh" and lots of hmmmmmm.................... YAY......Josie scored! Here's the money shots - whatcha think?

My homemade Buttery Brioche Buns topped with minced onions and more butter than the law allows!

My pulled pork sammie - had to take a bite BEFORE Jerry (my hubby) took this pic.  My pulled pork had me at the 1st bite



 not bad for just out of the "smokin' gate"

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