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At that temp you will want to chop the meat not pull it. Really need to hit an IT of 200-205 for really good pulled pork.
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For the poppers I like mix other cheeses into the cream cheese. The last batch I made Mixed queso fresca, smoked pepper jack and smoked cheddar with chives and chipotle powder into the cream cheese!
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well it went pretty good. The pork was ok but not amazing. I have pretty high standards. Good texture - pliable but not mushy, nice smoke ring, problem - too sweet - the meat tasted more like a hot dog than texas bbq. I think the applewood has got to go. I have only used mesquite and oak lump so I think I am use to different tastes. I am going to try natural briquetts with a 50/50 mix of hardwood lump and I am doing brisket next . time.


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Looks great to me.



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Looks real good! Imo the wood matters some but the Apple wouldn't give you what you the sweet you were probably tasting...the rubs and sauces would.

Next time try simple...spog and a good finishing sauce for me

Glad the mini preformed!!!!!
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Looks like they turned out good  drool.gif  Sorry they weren't as awesome as you were hoping but now you have a great reason to smoke some more!  biggrin.gif

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Looks perfect to me...nice job.
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