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Nice! Almost ready for some smoke
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Well today I corrected the one or two things I didn't like and finished the pit up. I might later on think of somthing that I wish I would have done but to late now since the first coat of paint went on the pit and firebox section. I will build a coal basket for it as well but I can do that later. I am worried about not having big enough wheels under it. I put 10" wheels on the firebox side and 5" swivel casters on the other end. On cement it rolls fine but I know during cookouts I will have to roll it in the grass and not to confindent on how well that will work. Might have to change the back wheels or make a hitch I can hook up to the lawnmower or the truck to move it around. Maybe when I grease the wheel bearings it might roll better, wishful thinking.



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Well today is the day of the maiden voyage with the first fire in it to cure the metal. It took 55 minutes to get to 225. Within 20 extra minutes it climbed to 300. I have cut the open vents back and looking to keep the temps under control for a few hours to help in the curing process.
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Did you put a clear coat on it it looks like it in the last photo. How did the paint hold up on the fire box?
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usherk44 I sprayed the outside with wd40. I figured with that it wouldn't get sticky like cooking oil would do on the outside. I did like the way it brought a shine to the paint since it was such a flat black. The paint on the firebox held up pretty good so far. The paint was rated for 2000 degrees. Now don't get me wrong though, the firebox doesn't have the shine that the cooking chamber has. On that burn I filled the charcoal basket up and not sure since all vents were wide open or if it was the log splits I laid on the side of the basket, but the whole basket caught on fire. I was hoping for the fire to slowly go around the basket. Yesterday I did another burn and actually threw some meat on the grill to try it out. Yesterday I stayed away from the basket and just lit a chimney and threw that in there on top of some unlit charcoal. I had to keep feeding the fire and the temp never went over 250 where the day before it climbed up over 325 with no problem with that whole basket. I guess it will take some time playing with it to see what works best.


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Looks great and I'm sure with a few more cooks you will have it down to a science
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Thanks for the reply. Good looking Q
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Great looking pit! 

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Now that you have used it, is there anything you would have done differently? This is very similar to the build I am wanting to do. 

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I think for the most part I am happy with it. If I had to do things different and the one thing that I am not happy with, needs BIGGER wheels. I was hoping that the 10" wheels and the 5" casters would be good enough but I am disappointed. On cement it does fine but can't get to far off in the grass. I knew it wouldn't be easy but was hoping easier than what it is. I probably wish I would have went with 1" angle for my food grate frames and with 1" angle for the rails that they sit on. But other than that so far I'm pleased. Best of luck on your build 45ACP
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