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First. Smoke. Ever.

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Well, I broke in the MES 30 yesterday.  (First off, I'm proud of myself for using an acronym, but you guys have a LOT of acronyms!  Almost as many as the IT industry.)


St. Louis ribs with dry rub and my wife's summathissummathat sauce with apricot preserves in it.


I realized I had done too much reading when just about every fact had been counter-argued or debated.  Vent open?  Vent closed?  Little chips?  Lots of chips?


So, I finally settled on a 3-2-1 and aimed for TBS with the vent open, even though MasterBuilt calls for having it closed unless doing fish or jerky.  I added Sam Adams Summer Ale during the foil period, and I closed the vent for the last hour just because the ribs looked dry after the first three hours.


All I can say is the ribs were the absolute best I have ever had.  Ever.  Just outstanding!



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Congrats on the successful maiden voyage.



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MMMM....they certainly look porkalicious!


Nice job!



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Looks real good

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Welcome to your new addiction

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Thanks everyone.  As a bonus, the garage smells great. :D

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