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burn out

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Long time no post. Good to be back.. I have decided to join the world of the UDS. One question. I am using a barrel that once contained methanol. I am positive that it has a coating on the inside. So, I cut the top off and drilled my 4 vent holes in the bottom. I have now LOADED it full of twigs and logs to do my burn out. I have not purchased a torch yet so that was not an option. Do you think that this fire will be sufficient? Do I need to make sure that all the paint on the.exterior burns off to ensure the inside is clean? Thanks!
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BtW, the paint was blue on the outside to start with....
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It would be hard to imagine that stuff wouldn't be burned off with a good burn...jmo   Good luck on the build, post pics!

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That fire will be good.....  you will never, I hope, smoke food at that temp..... brush out the inside to remove any scaling and coat with veggie oil or flax oil and cure at 350-400 during a trial run....  you will be ready to make some great Q........  If you do see any additional reside inside when the burn is over, It shouldn't go anywhere...  



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Seeing how hot this fire is, now I am more worried about melting my barrel.....
Is that a possibility?
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If you are worried......  throw the lid on it.... it will die right down and run at about 400 with the three vents open in the bottom...

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Ok, new week. Time to finish. The fire did not take 100% of the coating off. There is still quite a bit around the top of the barrel. I bought a weed burner. So, I am able to get a lot of the coating to peel up.and burn off with the weed burner, but there are some parts that are being stubborn. These spots I have even tried a blow torch on. I hit it with the torch for about 5 minutes and they didn't budge. Do you think they are all right to leave on?
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Here is a picture of what I'm talking about.

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Brush out/clean out the inside residue, sand the outside clean and then wipe it with denatured alcohol and paint it.  Coat the inside with whatever cooking oil/grease you want, I use the canola spray in a can from Wally World and you're good to go.  icon14.gif

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I burned mine out and then borrowed a buddy's sand blaster to be sure.  I called a restoration shop in town and he offered to blast it for $25.  It might be worth it to call around and get the inside blasted.  I'd definitely pay someone else to do it if I had to do it again.

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