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needle valve

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I have a gosm 36" smoker.  I want to install a needle valve but the terminations at the smoker and regulator (ends of hose) are crimp type connections and the needle valve assembly has a 3/8" flared swivel termination on the end of the stainless steel hose.  I think I can splice in to the the existing hose but I was trying to avoid using any of the rubber hose.  Any solutions out there?

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Connect it all together with brass threaded fittings.....   Dave

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Dave.  Thanks for the advice.  The problem is, the rubber hose that came with the smoker is crimped at both ends in stead of threaded brass fittings.  I tried to remove the crimps but couldn't without damaging the hardware where the hose is terminated.  The new needle valve kit takes care of the end that connects to the tank but, as I said, the end of the rubber hose that came with the smoker won't come off at the smoker end.  If all else fails I'll splice into the rubber hose.  Hope this is not too confusing and thanks again for the advice.

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Jim.....  put hose barbs on the needle valve....   Check the hose diameter first because you want a good fit and no leaks....    Use a small needle valve (flow) 'cause you are probably looking at less than 5.000 Btu's to control the temp in your smoker....



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