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Backwoods Style Smoker build #2...

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Well I said I was gonna do another one and learn from my "finds & mistakes" from build #1...  http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/93785/backwoods-style-build/60


Guy came by a week or so ago and bought my cooking trailer, the Fatboy, the clone, crawfish cookers and all so I'm fixing to start over..

still using Sir Chunks plans BUT going to shorten it 2"...reason ...so when I put the outer skin on, the overall height will be 48"..on Chunks plans he fitted the outer flat metal where it left the 1x2 tubing at bottom exposed...over time it will rust (or mine did) no matter how much it was painted or cleaned and personally I thought it took away from the overall appearance...so I got me a 4' x 10' sheet of red pre-finished colored aluminum like we skin stock cars with for my outer skin and will cover everything that way....

going into this with 2- 1"x2" X 20' tubing, 2- 1" sq tubing x 20', 1- 1" 14 ga angle x 20', 1- 2" 14 ga angle x 20' (for charcoal box) 1- 2"x4" x 4' sq tubing, 3- 4'x8' sheets 18 ga sheets flat and 1 4'x10' sheet colored aluminum flat.. cost so far $320.00...another $120 for koawool when I order it...


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It will be a nice build. I have built the same design 3 times. I did make changes all 3 times. The next one will have more changes, Maybe some time i will get it perfect.

happy smoken.


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110.gif I'm in
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not much accomplished today...too busy at work...did get the rest of the back  tubing in..side tubing..angle iron....bottom plate cut out and sitting in place not welded



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Well you gotta cut it before you can weld it. So that is forward progress.

Happy smoken.


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Cooking chamber cut, bent & welded in...added a piece of 3/16 plate on the underside of the "heat deflector" as it's called in the plans...my Fatboy burnt out and rotted there over the last 8 or so years..got the slides in for the charcoal pan i'm gonna build..top cross piece in and welded...gonna do the smokestack tomorrow....it's startin to come together




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It is going to be a nice smoker.


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Still lookin' good.....     popcorn.gif

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got some more done yesterday...finished inner panels, installed insulation, draft tube in, chimney on, doors framed out...waiting on hinges, latches and seal for doors...should be in today or Monday at latest...in last build I used De-Sta-Co vertical latches...really like them except you don't have anything "solid" to hook side piece on...so this one I welded a scrap piece of 18 ga where it would go that screws could be used...today I hope to get rack slides and racks built...


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Getting closer to smoke every day.

Happy smoken.


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Shelving in ready for doors...hope the hinge pins get here later today...nowhere did it say in the plans about anything to hold the meat racks in when extended out...on last one I found some old oven grates and cut the corners out and welded to bottom of racks...this time I went a lil heavy duty since I had quite a bit of "left-over" tubing...made my racks out of 1" tubing covered with expanded metal ...made the "slides" for the racks outa 2" angle and took a 6" piece of 2" angle and welded above the racks so when you pull them out to load em up or take them off they don't fall out...

Then I traded my red aluminum outer skin for purple...lol...it'll match my plum crazy purple 66 Chevy stepside...

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I like it but now what happens when the next guy wants to buy your smoker.... are you gonna let him buy the truck too?!?
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NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.......... I've had that truck since 1976.....lol


Havent got anything much done last couple days...did get the hinges welded on, doors in place, wheels on the bottom...the National Motorcycle Roundup is in town til Sunday....bout 30,000 bikers in a community of less than 2,000, ....local convenience store wanted me to smoke 15 boston butts a day for them starting Tuesday in another smoker I have.... I should finish up the new smoker next week with any luckgrilling_smilie.gif

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then again it turned out to be a slow day so I did get the skin bent and on...fix me up some latches, finish my holes in the chimney and build a water pan and I'll be ready to fire her up...lol


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I wanna see pics off the 66 chevy
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I really like the angle cut on the lower door......     2thumbs.gif ......   Dave

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it's in the background about 8 pictures up....restored it in the 80's...gonna do it again in the future...probably put the original 283 back in it...put a 355 stroker in it on 1st restoration, then later a 468...back in 90 I put a 69 427 Vette engine in it...no fun to drive with the 427 or 468..no traction at all....pulled it back in shop a few months ago and started stripping it down...pulling the engine gonna redo the motor & tranny...interior is still top notch

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I have an 86 chevy in the process of à restoration. Plans are for an LS motor. Interior done, primer gray
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