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What type of insulation did you use and where did you get it?

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This is still a dead thread. If you click on sirchunkus . It will bring up his home page and you can see when the last time he was on here. It was 2010.
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I'm impressed!

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Gosh dang it I have been watching this thread for a while and i think im going to have to do it.  im building this smoker pretty exact to these specs with some of my own mods for a main door and fire door. I should be done with this build in a couple of weeks with some picks and ill let all you know how well it works and finally put an ending to this build where he left off....I wanted to see how this thing performed and im pretty sure this will be WAY better than my Lowes Master Forge smoker so i really dont have anything to lose 




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same here....found this cruising the i-net looking for plans for a new smoker and decided to try....I have a BW Fatboy that I've had 10 yrs or so but wanted a bigger one...dont do as much comp cooking as I used to down to a couple times a year now but do the holidays with family and friends...made a whole hog rotisserie last year so i'm gonna do modified version of this one now...started last week...my steel supplier shipped me 11 ga tubing and I've decided the next one will be thin wall tubing...(yes I have 2nd one in the planning...lol) thinwall is plenty strong enough and when using 18 ga sheet metal for the other one has to be EXTRA careful and diligent to have the weld hot enogh to bond with the 11 ga and not accidently burn thru the 18 ga...even with the high cost of new steel today (not shopping but buying from supplier who runs here outa Memphis) i'm in at under &700 for steel, insulation, hinges, latches...I'll post pics as I go but will be slow as I am just building in spare time and only get an hour or so a day unless it's awful slow at work...

IMG_0822.JPG the frame work

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ok then... lets get it on... interested in this myself

PS. let us know if you start a new thread with this build
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I will.....one thing I added was a charcoal basket in the firebox like a BWS...




made it outa scrap metal I had...some 2 1/2" flat and some angle


then I added the cooking chamber




One IMPORTANT thing I've learned again....be extra sure on your squareness....1/16 off can turn into 1/2-3/4 off 4' down the line..

It's starting to shape up...going back tonight and add the inner wall...maybe make one the doors if I have time....waiting on the Kaowool....bought it on ebay last Friday & havent heard from the guy yet....my weld on hinges and thermometer have made it...vertical latches should be in quick.....

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Why don't yo statrt your own thread. Cause your hijacking this one.
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wow.. 77.gif ..well 1st, since I am using the thread starters plans and building "his" smoker I dont consider this hijacking his thread...as you said earlier the guy just left everyone hanging and quit posting about his success using these plans, 2nd there is no "backwoods style build" heading anymore and 3rd if I am doing something wrong  and a moderator or administrator asks me to stop I will...


got the 2nd skin and 1 door framed out last night..didnt do the mitered cuts on the door because I plan on allowing enough extra metal on the outer skin to bend it and "wrap around" the edges....maybe get the other door framed out today, finish up welding what I've done and then I'm down until the kaowool arrives





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finished framing the other door. Going to try to finish up welding the seams that are just tacked today, weld on my hinges, then I'll be waiting on insulation to arrive.. talked to the guy I bought the insulation from and it should arrive Monday or Tuesday....with a lil luck it'll smoke Memorial Day....biggrin.gif



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more delays...got hinges on...seams welded...smoke stack holes drilled....insulation arrived today...they shipped 24"x 2" instead of 24" x 1"...said they would ship correct size today...hit.gif

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I'll be interested to see how this bad boy turns out for you man!  I'm thinking I may do a half size clone here in the near future! 

For now i'm going to kick back and watch how it progresses!  Where did you get your hinges/latch mechanisms?



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got the  334 DE-STA-CO  Vertical Latch Clamps off ebay, got the kaowool and rope gasket off ebay too ......got the hinges, air dampers and thermometers from kck.com



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and the insulation is on.....now to catch some slack time to go make the bends on the outer skin, door skins, and top and it'll be ready for powdercoating...thumb1%20copy.gif



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Looking great man! Thanks for the heads up on the hardware- now I think I'm going to have to find a shop to do the bends for me before I tack it together- may as well see if I can get the sheets water/laser cut for a perfect fit.

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my 2 cents....next one i do will have welds on the framing/tubing ONLY....all sheet metal I will use steel large head 1/4" rivets on....used a lot of riveting on this one..i have skinned the outer frame & doing doors now...will post up pics later...

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You decide to put any wheels on it to move it around or is it sticking in place?

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