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looking good.
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The frame is completed. The door frames are complete. The FB vent/dampener is done. Once the outer skin is installed, I will complete the dampener. I haven't addressed the stack and cover yet. This will be my starting point tomorrow.


FB Vent Open...




Half Open or Half Closed... Depending on your personality...



21 Hours

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Nice design of a vent......    I like it...



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Thank You Dave.


Please note, I scored (cut half way through) the dampener vertically 1/2" from each end. Once the outer skin is on the door, I will rotate the ends of the dampener back at a 90-degree angle and weld the bends in place. It took a while to fab this up and make it square. I have about 3 hours invested in the vent alone. I have a plan to cut this time down to less than 1 hour.

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Got the shelf for the coal basket complete. Got all the firebox plate in. And mostly welded up. Got another few welds and it will be complete. Haven't looked at the stack. Will be ready to start sheet metal in the cook chamber tomorrow. Had to shut down early to enjoy some barley pops with friends & neighbors.


No pics as the darn thing got too heavy to pull down by my lonesome and can't take pics of progress as it sits...

I'll throw some pics up in the am once I get it on the ground.


26 Hours

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The doors on this smoker will mount just like a refrigerator with surface-mount hinges on the side. The doors will be sealed.


I plan to paint the mating surface between the doors & face of smoker with a ultra high heat flat black paint as it will be subject to heat.


Here's my conundrum... I really do NOT want to paint this thing BLACK. Will a paint good for 500-degrees be sufficient for an insulated smoker with only 1" of insulation? If I need to go to 1000-degree paint, does anyone have any sources besides rustoleum and their colors???



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I don't know what temperature rating your looking for, but it looks like TCP Global has a bunch of high temp paint colors ranging from 550* on Dupli-Color engine enamel to 2000* on VHT's flameproof coating they use on headers.  You may also find some of these at your local auto parts store in the engine and header paint area. 


Your build is looking great too by the way.  I'm really interested to see it complete, please keep the pics coming.  I hope this helps.  

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Thanks bohica,

This is exactly what I was looking for... I went to 2 different paint stores and they were quoting me $150-200 per gallon...

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No problem, glad I could help.  The good news is even if this paint doesn't work, you're only out $10 a can. 

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Got the RF Plates in place then ran out of wire... No more welding for me today. Will pick it up again tomorrow afternoon.

I am making as many welds as possible (from the back side) on the inside of the insulated panels. This will leave a cleaner corner when all is said and done.



The left RF Plate is blind welded in place. Then the welds are ground down. You can see this on the front of this plate.


The right RF Plate has not been welded yet. You can see the 1/4" holes on the front of the plate.

This is where I was when I ran out of wire. 




28 Hours

To be continued tomorrow..

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well any progress?

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Dave Omak that 1.25 X 30 wide duct would be equal to approx. a 6"round flue size should work fine

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I'm guessing he's too busy cookin'!:77:

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