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Pork Belly - Florida

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Anyone in the Tarpon Springs area know where to buy pork belly?

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I am not in your state. But most butcher shops can at least order you some belly. It may take a week.

Happy smoken.


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Publix will order for you... very rare to find anybody have them in stock... maybe a good mexican meat market if you have one near ya...

I'm just south of ya.. howdy neighbor... don't know if you seen the South Florida Gathering thread yet or not.. A bunch of us here from the forums get together and have a little fun... you, your family and friends are more than welcome to join us... we have a little friendly competition and use random camper from the campgrounds for judges.... here's the link to the thread... give it a read and come join us....
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Originally Posted by robp421 View Post

Anyone in the Tarpon Springs area know where to buy pork belly?

Welcome Robp421! Restaurant Depot sometimes has them frozen in cases as well. RD membership is free as long as you have a EIN (your own corporation) or you could use your employers if you tell the boss you'll make him some food :)


Also check out the link that JckDanls07 posted..we have a really good time at the gathering!

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I've had a hard time finding here in North Carolina but, Whole Foods actually carries them here...only draw back is the price my last batch was 4 something a lb...You might have good luck at your local farmers market.


Good luck

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After being out of bacon for a month, I finally pulled the trigger and ordered to bellies from the meat market in Clinton, WI,  Can't wait till Thursday to pick them up and experience sticker shock as the price has gone up to $3.59 a pound.  The family prefers my bacon to the store bought brands.  It may be expensive but it is worth it in the end!

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