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First Butt

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Well, I got up at 4:45 this am to get my butt ready for about 5:30 or so.  I had it in my stand-up Brinkmann for around 6 hrs.  At which point I couldn't get the temp over 200 anymore (tried dumping ash and adding fresh charcoal and it didn't work).  So, I transferred it to my Weber.   Will post the final result later...


This is my first pic after about 4 hrs.




And after about 7 hrs.

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Looks pretty good. What's the internal temp on it?
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As of right now, about 9.5 hrs in, it's about 190-195. Gettin close!drool.gif

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After 11.5 hrs I finally hit an internal temp of 195 degrees.
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Just about there!


You gonna show us some shots of the pulled product?  I hope so!!!!



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Looking good so far...Waiting to see some deliciuos pulled pork!  popcorn.gif



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This is my final result.  I think the fire on my grill was too hot and burned off my brown sugar. th_crybaby2.gif

On the positive side however, the bone came right out with a simple twist and I was able to pull the meat apart with my fingers.  The meat was still moist on the inside, I just lost most of my precious bark. th_crybaby2.gif


Here it is after removing the foil:




And after I pulled it:




A few questions, tho:


1.  I stopped making smoke after 6 hrs.  As I can hardly taste the smoke in the meat, should I have kept it going the entire time?


2. What does everyone else do when you can't raise the temp of the smoker past 200*?  

I currently have a Brinkmann charcoal upright, single door smoker.  It works great for ribs, but after about 6 hrs of smoke time, I have a super hard time maintaining 250*.  I tried to empty out the ash and put in fresh coals, but it didn't work.  Maybe I just need some more patience when I make out the coal swap, as I only waited about 20 mins before moving it to the Weber.

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