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Judging the entries and all related stuff usually takes a couple weeks or more.....   I don't expect results until about the 17th....   The entries have to be put up on the forum for member voting...   takes a week or so of voting.... then checking everything twice...  maybe 3 times....     Dave

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Ahhhhhh, the antici............................pation!
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Originally Posted by themule69 View Post

I did here is my dish


Happy smoken.



After downing that bottle, I assume David resembled a noodle.  Winner!

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no voting thread yet hugh? was camping since the 1st. well I didn't miss nothing yet then lol.

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Nope did not miss anything.....just the round of shots that were passed out....

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Any reason why the results are taking for ever ?
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Originally Posted by bmudd14474 View Post

Im working on getting the voting thread put up. Please be patient as I have limited internet at home right now.

If you refer back to Bmudd14474 post earlier it will help answer part of it. He also needs to collect the votes from the Judges before he posts the winners. Yes there was a clear winner for the Popular Vote, however it may not be so clear on the Judges or he may be waiting to hear back from one of them or any other situation may have come up. All involved volunteer their time.
Be patcient and the results will be up soon enough.
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ya he said his internet was limited at his home or something. great job everyone. i have a smile where i finished. happy. and it was tasty. i have to post a thread with my last 2. didnt put it up yet either. ill prob combine them togather.

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