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I need a new burner unit for my two door master forge smoker

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This summer I went to start my smoker and I was getting very little flame in the inside next think I know I come outside and my propane hose is now melted and is lying on the ground.  It could have really been bad but I was lucky.  The problem is I tried to fix the hose by reattaching it but I am having the same problem.  I want to buy a new burner assembly for it but can't find it anywhere.  I have looked and looked and looked.

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If at all possible now would be the time to consider an upgrade & put what you would spend on replacements parts into a better unit. I used my MF about 18 months and just got tired of fighting the issues with mine. It was a good starting smoker but I moved on. Just my 2 cents....Willie

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I am looking to upgrade(don't really want to spend a whole bunch more) but im not sure what direction I will go.  There is an electric one I am looking at that I don't mind but not sure if I want to mess with a cord all the time.  I didn't like the fact that I had a tough time keeping my master forge to the temp I wanted.  It had a hard time getting up to 225 or so.  I even installed the gasketing around the doors.  It seems charcoal is the only true way to do it if you want to be a pro so I am sort of tempted by charcoal but just not sure on how often I would need to reload the charcoal and how easy the temp would be to control.

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Have you taken the burner out and inspected it to see if maybe there were cob webs in it?  Also inspect the orifice where the gas comes into the unit to see if has a web in it.  You can use a wire brush to clean the burner up.


I have the same unit that you have and never really had any issues getting temps.  Not only the gasket, but also a water pan or sand pan to help hold heat.  To control temps I also added a needle valve and it works great.  There are a bunch of mods to make this unit better.


I too am looking to get another smoker.  Actually it would be in addition to the Masterforge.  There is lots of great info here on this site as to how the side firebox units work and how to get the temps you want.  However, once again, you are going to need to make modifications to the what you get in order to make it work right.  Unless of course you are buying one of the professional models and then in that case you shouldn't have to make any changes to it. Also, if you go charcoal, you will have to attend to it much more than a propane or electric unit.  At the very least you will have to load coals/wood every couple of hours. Real competition BBQ'ers tend their pits constantly. Unless of course you go the route of pellets.

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yeahthat.gif I went electric....liking it so far especially on long overnight smokes.

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so last night I took the burner assembly completely apart. And I blew air through the burner I didn't really notice anything of substance come out. I cut the front end of the hose assembly off and reattached it with a hose seems to be working now but I'm a little leary of gas possibly leaking out where my hose clamp is I purchased the electric smoker last night just in case but if this works I will be returning it
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simple test to see if you have a leak.  A mixture of water and soap and spray it on the portion of the hose you just clamped.  Just open the valve on the tank but don't turn the burner on.  Spray the clamp area and see if you get any bubbles.  If you see bubbles, then you have a leak.

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At this point I don't have any leaks.  I think I just had a plugged burner and gas was backing up and burning at the burner vents which was causing everything to melt.  I really hope I have it all fixed now though.

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