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Jerky Cannon Sausage Advice

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I have a meat grinder and I've used it to try and stuff sausages before but it doesn't work great (I had a hard time packing the sausage firmly enough). I was considering a jerky cannon anyways and I saw that some of them have attachments for making full size sausages as well as snack sticks.  Any advice? Is the jerky cannon a viable option or is there something I should be doing for the meat grinder?

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I have a jerky gun and it is OK for snack sticks but A vertical stuffer will do much better for full length casings and larger size sausage. I started out slowly with this hobby adn even though i like the jerky gun for what it is made for, I have to cut the collagen casings to fit the short tube head that comes with it and the the caulking gun cranking is a  pain for a lot of meat. Also the smallest vertical stuffer is 5 pounds and that is 2 or 3 times more than what you can get into a jerky gun. Time and ease of use make it a lot nicer process and there are reasonable 5 LB stuffers out there for under $100. mds51

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If your making really small ammounts the jerky cannon will do but I recommend going with a 5 lb vertical stuffer

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Magnum......I started with a Jerky Cannon about 2 years ago. Then I bought the long stainless tube to fit. Although I have made many game sticks with it, I got tired of the small tube and the hand work to make it function. Then I got smart (not soon enough) and bought a 5lb vertical stuffer. For just a few dollars more than I spent on the Cannon and extra tube I would have had the 5 lb'er and never looked back.



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