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Yellow Leaves???

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Hi All My once healty tomatoe plants lately have the bottom leaves turning yellow spotted.These plants are Brandywines...
Thanks Dan

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Too much water can cause yellowing.
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Hi All Does anyone else have an idea what is causing the yellowing of the bottom leaves. I was thinking more of a blight type of disease?
Thanks Dan
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When rain (water) hits the ground, something splashes up on the lower leaves and causes problems.....  can't remember now....   Black spot or something like that....  Pick off all the lower leaves....  mulch with newspaper or something like that....    

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Hi David I've been picking off the lower leaves. The garden is mulched with cedar chips. The tops of the tomato plants are still looking great, pepper plants & basil DON'T seem to be affected by what ever is causing the yellowing of the lower leaves.
Thanks Dan

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The most common issues that cause yellowing of older leaves is too much water, not enough water, and nutrient deficiencies.  More often than not it will be a lack of nutrients.  I see some brown/black spots and that can be a sign of bacteria or a virus damaging the leaves.  I'm going to guess your issue is early blight.  

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You can mix up a BORDEAUX MIXTURE (Google it) to take care of the blight, but you have to do it now as it is more of a preventative than a cure. it is just a mixture of lime and copper sulfate  the grape growers use in their vineyards (hence the name).



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Hi All Thanks for the fast replies. What I don't understand only the tomato plants are affected, pepper plants are in the same family as the tomato. They are doing fine, so is the basil which are close to affected plants.
Thanks Again Dan
PS I might give all the plants a shop of miracle grow.

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Lower leaves turn yellow and fall off on almost all plants..its how they grow..the focus is on new growth and the mater..


Dont panic and start spraying the things...


The lower leaves on everything in my garden are bugs or disease..


Try finding garden web  they have tons of great help...

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I  just went out and took some pics of very happy and healthy plants..


My wife has a horticulture degree and sez dont worry be happy!!!


She also sez wood chips are not the best mulch...











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Wood chips are a great mulch.  If they are from a freshly cut tree you should let them sit at least a year (and turn them every few months) before using them on any annual or shallow rooted perennial.  If you don't want to wait then you can use them right away but be sure to use a plant food with plenty of nitrogen.  The issue is that the "young" chips will deplete the nitrogen in the first few inches of the soil.  I have always used fresh wood chips with no issues, around trees and other perennials.

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Hi The Cedar chips were purchased at Garden center in plastic bags.Been using the same chips for years, NO problems so far.
Just spread some fertilizer,10-10-10 around the plants, now waiting for the rain to come.

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