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Well I only burned out the CC tonight. I'll have to do another burn when the RF plate and cook rack(s) is done. I figure I'll need to do some test burns before I think about cooking anyway so I'll handle it then. Then season and cook. :)


Going to try to track down the materials for the RF plate and cook rack and stuff tomorrow and hopefully get those done this weekend and the support frame. It's getting close! I can almost taste the Q.

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So I'm probably not going to have this ready for my first competition, as I'd be setting up this evening after work and starting tomorrow morning... haha oh well.


I do think I can have it ready for cooking by the end of the weekend tho, provided I can find the rest of the materials I need today.

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Got the rest of the materials I need (as far as I know... ha!) Have enough to build 2 cook racks, the RF plate and the door flange. Already have enough materials at home for the frame/stand. 


Pretty pumped!


ETA: I couldn't find any 1/4" plate in town for my RF plate (at least anything that would fit in my van, only full 4' x 8' sheets...) so I had to go with 3/16". The guy at the shop told me there would be no real appreciable difference between it and 1/4" in that application, in terms of heating up and the plate getting too hot. Thoughts/opinions on that? Guess it doesn't much matter because it's all I've got, but just curious as to what I should expect.

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So I cleaned out the ashes from burning it out last night and hit the inside with the grinder and brass brush wheel. Cleaned it up nice. None of the original junk, goop, rust, etc anymore. But it did leave the "patina" on the steel. Do I need to get it down to brand new white metal or is a little patina ok? It looks clean and smooth (except where some pitting has occured). If it were an old straight razor I was restoring I'd leave it as is, but not sure in the this application. 


Also got the RF plate cut to size.

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This weekend I was able to get the rf plate welded in with the drain pipe. And have the door flanges tacked into place. Not as much as I'd hoped but still making progress. The end is in sight I think.

It was interesting doing the flanges along the hinge side. Had to cut three pieces and notch them out around the hinge. Worked out well tho.

To curve the flanges I clamped them into the tank piece that was cut out for the fire box attachment and just banged it along the curve with a hammer. Worked pretty good.
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Got the door flange fully welded last night, took me a while because I was really paranoid about warping the door and not having it close right... 


Also planned out the cuts I need to assemble the cook rack and came up with some ideas for the support frame for the whole unit. My dad has the day off today and is going to do some running around for me, and cut/prep all the pieces. That's totally awesome because that part takes SO long... haha. It's coming together!


Oh, and our little sandblaster is coming tomorrow so I'm hoping by Saturday afternoon to have the whole thing done, sandblasted, burned in and seasoned ready for paint/cooking. (but so far I haven't hit any of these lofty goals... haha)


ETA: How tippy are these offset/RF smokers typically? Seems to me if I just put 4 legs coming down from the tank with the firebox hanging off the side it would be very tippy to that side. 

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If you splay the legs, and put 2 under the FB and 2 under the CC, or 1 leg under the CC....  The splay amount would stabilize it pretty much...



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That's kind of where we settled out on the plan for it. 2 legs at the tank end, and 2 legs under the FB. 4 wheels all around, framing/bracing legs... that kind of thing. I'm not feeling very inspired by the support design (used it all up imagining the rest of the build... haha) but my dad seems to have a clear picture, and he's cutting all the pieces today so I'll leave it with him. I trust his judgement. heh

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Your build is coming along... won't be too long 'til some Q-views!

My build is a narrow tank 18". So I am planning on making an "A" shaped frame to widen its stance and make it more stable. Wheels will be mounted below FB...outside width about 30". The support opposite the FB will be "A" shaped with the base 30" wide.

Keep up the effort!

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Thanks! I just need to keep the drive alive. I've been making great progress (for me) and I don't want it to fizzle out and get pushed to a back burner like so many projects... haha There's still plenty of BBQ weather left up here in the great white north. I'm curious to find out how the wind will affect this unit. My WSM is very sensitive to the elements, I'm hoping this one will be less sensitive to wind.

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My Dad got all the rest of the pieces cut, beveled and prepped for me yesterday. He even went out and bought me some wheels for it! Figured I'd have it all welded up last night... nope!


I managed to get the frame for the cook rack done, and the rails it sits on installed in the tank... but I learned some lessons and that was a major point for this project, learning to weld/fabricate stuff. 


The rest of it should be "easy" as nothing needs to fit through a certain space, etc... Famous last words, eh?

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Finished up the cook rack real quick before supper.

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Famous last words indeed! There's a never ending process of tweaks, add ons and adjustments, but it doesn't mean you won't be cooking soon! Looks great!
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It has all the parts I need to cook now. The rest is gravy at this point ;)
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Well it's up on legs now. Just need bolts to attach the wheels. All that remains is the cc handle, something to stop the door from flipping over the back, mount thermometers and a few other finishing touches. She'll be cooking this weekend you'll see.

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My dad bolted on the wheels and I made some brackets for the cc handle. Have 2 more matching brackets for a door stop on the back of the tank.

Need to shim the wheels on the firebox side because that end is a bit low. Will need to make a spacer block, no big deal.

They look kind of wonky in this picture from the perspective, but they are square and straight. I checked. heh
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My wife raised an interesting thought yesterday. Should I create little ports for thermometer probes to be inserted into the tank for meat/cc monitoring? Or can their chords be closed in the door? With my WSM and propane cabinet I just feed them through the top pie vent, figured I'd just close them in the door with this one.

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I close mine in the door (bottom edge)

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Cool, I suppose if I'm worried about it damaging the chords I can make little grooves for them. I am looking forward to having that top frame rail to stick all the digital thermos to. :)

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I just looked through your build. Looks great, i know you're excited to get smokin. Im sure ready to finish mine but I've enjoyed the process.
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