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Monitor smoker temp??

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Can anyone recommend a wireless temp monitor for your smoke chamber? My wife got me an accurite but its setup for internal meat temp and thats not my concern. I want to watch my smoker temp from inside the house
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Maverick ET-732 is the only way to go for watching both internal temp and chamber temp.

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So the maverick you can constantly monitor temp? Thats what im looking for. Does the sensor just set on the grate ?

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It is a dual temp device with two probes.  Obviously the IT probe goes into the meat.  The smoker or chamber probe can be placed in numerous places depending on the smoker and what holes it has to allow the probe to enter the box.  I believe the chamber probe comes with a clip that supports it on one of the racks.   Just keep it away from touching a wall or meat.  You will find many ways to suspend it somewhere in the center.

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I ordered the maverick this evening, thanks.
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My new maverick showed up today. Pretty fast delivery from Amazon ! The unit looks cool and seems to be exactly what I was looking for. I cant wait to really test it out.
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I have it and it works great. Been using it for over a year and still haven't had to replace the batteries. You can get longer probes too.
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