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Huge pork loin roaster!

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Went to acme and got me a big ol pork loin roaster. Sorta pricey but amazing fat content to meat! It's almost done now as you can see. I always use my pork rub and have been starting with oak soaked in water for a few hours.
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Looks good......  



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After I let it sit for a good 30min wrapped in foil it sliced like pork loin and the juices almost filled the pan I had it sitting in. It was great!!
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That's going to be good!

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That looks awesome
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Show that q-view!



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looks good.  u say expensive.  try buying meat in canada! its just silly!

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Looks great...nicely done!



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I don't think meat in Canada is expensive. I have a 37inch pork lion in the fridge wrapped in a dry rub waiting to be cooked in my pellet grill tomorrow. I payed twenty bucks. And its masivly thick. Got it at Costco ! Frikin love Costco
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thats a good deal. ive heard cosco has great meat.  brisket is a lot around even though it should be an inexpensive cut.  its just no one buys them and lack of demand raises price

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