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Never had a real smoker so I decided to build one

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I have been smoking on a charcoal grill for about 5 years. lol I recently decided I was going to build one. Every time I cook something I always have a bunch of people wanting me to cook something for them, but I never can because I have no room on my little charcoal grill I smoke on.

 I found a complete set of plans online for a smoker called "Big Pappas 500 Gallon Beast"  I then found a 500 gallon propane tank, and a nice tandem axle trailer. Next I went to the local steel broker and bought all of the steel I thought I might need. Since I had actual plans on paper, kinda like a ghetto blueprint, but it was good enough for the steel company to cut out all of the pieces I needed to build the warming cabinet and the fire box.

 Has anyone ever heard of, or seen this particular set of plans for the smoker I am making?

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both of the boxes are made from 1/4 plate. I'm curious to see how much this trailer weighs when it is complete. I am thinking about cutting off the round end of the tank on the side with boxes and butt them up against the tank so I can use the domed end for a grill on the trailer.

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I just looked up the drawings on it...AWESOME looking smoker, you're very excited i'm sure!

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I am more excited about it than anything in a long time!

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Should be similar to this i gather.

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yes! That's a great picture, that is exactly what I was seeing by cutting the end off and butting the warming box up to it. I think the end will make an awesome grill.

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I got some Tru-Temp 3" glow in the dark thermometers in the mail today and some pretty slick hinges with a grease fitting. 

 Now if I could get some help with getting the tank up on the trailer I'm ready to begin mating the pieces together. (trailer,tank,fire box,warming box)

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Good lookin build!  Just 1 question, what keeps the grease from melting out of the hinges?  A high temp grease?  Just curious.  Keep the picts comin.  Good luck.  Have fun.  Keep Smokin!


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I'm not too sure if I will actually pump any grease into them. I just thought I would get the ones with the fittings in cased they ever needed just a little dab. I am still trying to research about greases to see if there is one that would properly work, or if I should just not ever grease them. 

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High-temp vehicle brake grease would work for outside hinges and the like. Brake calipers can heat up to 700F+ and this stuff can withstand those temps without breaking down. It's not water-soluble either. Just make sure to keep it out of your cooking chamber.

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The brake grease is a great idea! I even have some already. lol

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