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My Father's Day smoke

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This week my Mom said she was probably going to order  ribs from a local (highly over-rated) rib place for Father's Day. I said, "What?. Why would I want to eat someone else's ribs." She said she didn't want me to have to "work" on Father's Day. Nope, it ain't work it's all fun. So my parents, my son (his gf has to work so we will be sending ribs home for her), brother and his family, and some family friends are coming over for the day. I am going with 3 slabs or spares and three slabs of baby backs (nothing fancy, just ribs). My Mom is bringing her potato salad (which is really, really good!) and we will be doing corn on the grill as well. I'll post pics as I go:


Spares on the grill at 9AM:




My outdoor kitchen (still a work in progress):




My Dad is 82 and he has to watch his diet but he is going to splurge a bit today. I want to make sure my ribs are perfect for him. Happy Father's Days to all you other Dads. :D

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Looks good...thank you for sharing part of your day!



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Babybacks go on at 10AM:



Received first curveball of the day. Son called and said his gf want to come with him after work which will move dinnertime back 1/2 hour or so. Good thing I have plenty of beer.

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