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Fathers day dinner!!!

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First off Happy Fathers day to all you dads, grand dads, uncles, brothers, and anyone else out there. I have a family of 12 coming over tomorrow so I am off to make our first smoked fathers day meal!




8lbs - pork butt

15 - quartered chickens

2lbs - smoked mac & cheese

15 - corn on the cobs



I have rub the pork down with a mix of paprika and brown sugar. 


chickens i am going to do salt and pepper only.



How do you guys cook the pork? do you wrap it up in foil or just toss it in the smoker? Also what am i looking at cooking time with the pork?



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Hello and welcome to the fun.  If you need any help just yell.  Plenty of friendly folk here with a load of experience.  Someone will be along to help.  I am guessing your are shooting for pulled pork.  The guideline is 1.5 - 2 hours per pound but is's done when it's done.  You want an IT of round 200.  Take it off.  Wrap in foil and rest for couple hours.  Some folks wrap in foil around IT of 160 and continue to cook.  Speeds up cooking but less bark.  Others don't wrap until it's finished, they like the bark.  Find the way you like it and then your on your way.  As a safety thing, be sure to put the chicken below your pork.  No raw chicken dripping on your pork.  Good luck.  Have fun.  Keep Smokin!


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