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Great printing utility

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This is a printing utility that allows you to reduce printing articles, recipes, be able to select or knock out pictures or graphics, and so on to save ink and paper, very environmentally friendly!   It is called CleanPrint® and you can just google cleanprint and it will pop up.  D/L it, install it, and it will be available to use, depending on your browser, in your tray. It will show you how many pieces of paper it will use, then as you reduce fonts, knock out unwanted or needed spaces, remove unnecessary  pictures, and so on, your page count will continue to reduce!  If you get to 1.15 or less, you may find only one page is necessary!  I use it all the time and it does save plenty of paper and ink!  Try it!

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Thanks Pop's. I hate using 10 sheets of papaer to print half a page.

Happy smoken.


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Thanks, Pops...good to know.  I just had to switch web you know if it works OK in Google Chrome?



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