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What do you mean "how do you smoke with no water"? I don't always use water when I smoke. Dry chamber smoking technique is very common. Maybe use the search function here to get more info. As for chunks I never had a fire with them. I just use a hatchet to chop down large chunks and for the mes pull out the chip loader a few inches to get better air flow. You'll be fine.
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Water doesn't produce smoke!!! I dumped the water a long time ago. Water will not get above 212* so at any chamber temp above that the water is just sucking the heat out and as it evaporates your thermal mass gets smaller. If you still want humidity just set another pan with water on top of the sand pan.
If you are interested in taking your smokes to a whole new level you might be interested in the "lean trim no foil wet to dry chamber method":
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