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Grinder/Stuffer Issue

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I have a Uniworld meat grinder that comes with a stuffing attachment. The problem is that I cannot attach the stuffer without putting in the plate (otherwise the blade will most likely chop plastic off the stuffer attachment), which ends up making the filling too fine. Has anyone used this stuffer before?

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There should be two plates
One fore burger
And one for sausage
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You should have whats called a stuffing plate or stuffing star. Either just holds the auger true in the throat. Dont use the blade with either.

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I don't think I have that extra plate. It didn't come with it. I guess I'll have to order one.

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51pCj67a0fL._SX450_.jpgSomething like this, yes?

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Originally Posted by takobel View Post

51pCj67a0fL._SX450_.jpgSomething like this, yes?


Yes I think that is the stuffing plate, also known as a kidney plate.

After you stuff with it you will probably be ordering a stuffer!
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Yeah! Just bought it. Thank you all for your prompt responses.


No more mealy sausages for me!

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