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Smoked Chicken

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These are some chickens that I smoked today! I'm fairly new to this so let me know what you think. I used hickory and a little mesquite for smoke and charcoal briquets for heat.

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Well I uploaded 2 pics but I son't see them.

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Originally Posted by Chefj View Post

Well I uploaded 2 pics but I son't see them.


Not seeing them either....  how did they turn out?

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Your Pics have been held for review. It's done automatically by our System. This is done to keep Spam from being loaded. After a number of posts the system recognizes you and there will be no further hold placed on your pics. Your Qview should show up shortly...JJ

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There seems to be an issue this weekend with loading q-views. is a link that may help in the future.


I will find out from the Admins if there was an issue with the system this weekend.



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Thanks for the replies. They turned out pretty good. The flavor was good but could have been better. I didn't brine them so I think I will try that next time.

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