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The lowes in west des moines, ia sells them. out by jordan creek mall. Thats were I got mine this spring. also, Hawgeyes BBQ in ankeny, IA sells them and is the online source for blues hog bbq sauce among other tasty rubs and sauces!  


Lowes should be able to ship it to your store and pickup for free. It is odd though cause some of the lowes in des moines they are a special order item and some of the stores stock them. makes no sense to me but what ever.

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Although I think if they were banned id have to go home and fire mine up just to be defiant haha.

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After talking to the lady from the site I bought it from she said


"Hi Dan,
Well, I double checked and it is banned in Illinois, not Iowa.  I am very sorry for the confusion on this!  I can have it shipped to the original store after all, but it is out of stock until 6-18..."


Just today she said it should be at my local store on Thursday.  So this weekend should be fun for me.  Ive heard of that WSM(winchester) bullet  but the company is a building supply type store so I dont think they have anything to do with firearms.  It still seems weird that a smoker would be banned from any state.


The creme brulee didnt turn out as planned.  It tasted very good, but the custard did not set up and get firm.  It was lightly raining when I put them in the MES and I think some water got in each of the rammakins, which supposedly causes it to not set up.

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I hope this all works out.  Overall, that 22.5 wsm will cost me 326 shipped.  When I first heard about the problem I was going to just walk up the street and grab one from a local store, but saving $75 is nice and work the wait.  I guess patience is necessary for our hobby/habit/addiction(whatever you want to call it).

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It's just crazy the stuff they ban these days. Now in Illinois?
how do they decide to ban certain items I wonder.... are they going to ban all charcoal smokers then? or just arbitrarily a few?

anyhoo, great it worked out in the end for you!


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Bloomberg is runnig gun control ads here. He needs to fix ny before he needs to butt in arkansas politics.
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Keep on you toes.  He recently spent $1.2 million to support a strongly anti-WSM congressional candidate in a special election even though she is in a very heavily democratic district.

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