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AMNPS in the Big Chief

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Going to smoke some butter and cheese (should have done this during winter...) in Mr. Big Chief soon so yesterday I did a trial run using just a little sample of oak pellets. Simply placed a water pan on the heating element and AMNPS on top so the ashes wont mess up the element. Could not believe how well it burned with the door closed. No problem keeping it lit. Now all I need is cool weather.



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cmayna, morning.... Looks good....  Smoked cheese is wonderful....  When the cold weather arrives,  put Jarlsberg Cheese on your list.. Others recommended it to me and it is awesome....    

Have you seen Todd's new Q-Matz.... they are the cat's meow for smoking stuff that could stick to the grates.....   I have used them and they are perfect for smoking anything....  




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I did a test with the Q-Matz and forced a melt on some cheese. Had some on the rack some on the Q-Matz and took the smoker up to 150* and the cheese on the rack drooped right through while the cheese on the Q-Matz held it's shape! They work Awesome! I can smoke cheese all year long down here in SE GA, I just do it in the evenings when the sun starts to go down in the summer. Butter might be another story, I haven't tried it yet!
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Thanks for the tip.  Just ordered the mat material.

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