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Bolagna Smokin

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Have seen recipes for smoked bologna and just had to try it. Since it's my first time with Bologna I thought I would keep it simple, no rub, just 2 1/2 hr  Maple smoke at about 230* and go from there. Hard to find chub Bologna in South West Oregon, so finally found it in Grants Pass. Got a 3 lb. chunk and sliced it down to with in 1/4" of the bottom. Wanted to splay the meat ( open it up ) so I had some pork cheek, and cut about a 1/2" chunk piece, ( not shown ) and put it under the center of the bologna.

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Sorry I'm a FNG ( Frickin New Guy ) I wanted to show the  before picture, but I must have hit the wrong button.

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Good ole Bolonga , cheap, takes to smoke well and with a good sauce,Onios and Pickles on a big Bun... Heaven. Now to go get one(I have $15 hidden from Trish. Hee-Hee-Hee...devil.gif

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Bajafish. that is a nice looking round steak.

Happy smoken.


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That looks good. The local Bologna here in central PA is lacking but I will be heading back to NJ soon where there are usually several to choose from...JJ

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Nice idea...

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I think that is called Ribeye in N.W. Arkansas  lol   superjob.gif

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Lookin good!


JJ...pick up some really good NJ Bologna for me!!!! LOL

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Originally Posted by Roller View Post

I think that is called Ribeye in N.W. Arkansas  lol   superjob.gif


i still cant stop laughing..hahaha!!!!
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Looks fantastic! It also looks like I have a new project ahead of me. I'm an FNG too and wanted to ask, why the pork cheek?



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No real reason to use pork cheek. Just needed  a lump of  "somthing"  under the center of the bologna to open up the fingers for a good smoke. You could use most anything.

 WOW it was good!!

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