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Fred loose in the house.........

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I found this Armadillo this morning on Craigslist and paid $20 buck for him. he's stuffed…….But my doesn’t know that yet!!! I’m going to put him in the bathroom before she comes in from work ……Just to see what she says……..By the way my kids and I named him Fred….. 

You do know that this may be my last post depending how she takes this........         Mu-Ha-Ha-Ha..........

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That is awesome! I can think of many ways Fred can be used to upset the Wife!! I hope this is not your last post, but just in case, feel free to leave me that in your will and he will be put to good use! biggrin.gif

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Yeaaaa I think you will be in big trouble SB!!!
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ROFLMAO!!! You know your name is going to be mud with her and on a long weekend.


Shame ya can't make her think you smoked it.

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LoL hope you enjoy the couch nana2.gif

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Pray she doesn't put that where the Sun don't shine...ROTF.gif



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Awesome Mike......ROTF.gif

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Playing TAPS in my mind for you.

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I know how well that would go over in my house, I wish you luck.
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SB, morning..... I hope you live thru this.....  lurk.gif ....    Dave

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My wife ------ AR15firing.gifNo more Fred or bathroom floor.

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You note he has not been heard from since...............


I noticed he was Denham Springs, his wife probably told him to clean his kills before bringing them in the house.

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I’m here and still aliveyahoo.gif, I had to work today, so I had to pack 3 days of fun into 2 daysth_crybaby2.gif…….. So as far as introducing Fred to the wife, here is how it wentdevil.gif…..She had to work Saturday morning, so once I picked him up the old gears starting smoking52.gif….and I decided to go ahead with putting him in the bathroom…..Every day when she gets in from work she had to “wash her hands” and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity for the two of them to meetwazzapp.gif……I was going to tape it, but I didn’t know what else may be going on in their so I did not…….but now, I wish I would have Oops.gif!!!!  I put Fred in our bathroom, next to the shower and the cloths basket…..

Now if you can picture this, she walked in the bathroom to wash her hands, stood about 1ft from him and never saw him, once she was done drying them, the door closed….so no taping was a good idea…… I’m in the bedroom waiting to see what happens77.gif…....and all of a sudden I here this “wtf1.gif!!!” and the door flies open as she runs out with her pants around her ankles. She had this expression on her face like a big rat ran up her legicon_eek.gif……….. I fell off the bed laughingROTF.gif!!! At least I thought it was funny…….She did notwife.gif!!!!! She was NOT happy nor did she think Fred was as nearly as cool as the kids and I do779.gif. She was kind of like the wife of the guy I bought him from…….You are not  keeping that ugly thing in “MY HOUSE”68.gif ………

So just to aggravate the situation, I posted  pictures on Facebook, stating that he was our new family pet, well about that time her friends/family had to chime in and started call/text 76.gif saying how disgusting he is jaw-dropping.gif and that she should not allow me to have a wild animal in the house or as a pet……..This went on and on, she spent several hours explaining that he was stuffed, but they did not believe her, because “he was eating in the picture” and “why would someone feed a stuffed animal?” All I did was laughth_roflmao.gif!!!!! So to say the least, I survived the weekend, I packed 3 days of laughing into 1 day and had fun while doing it......sausage.gif!!!!! ShoneyBoy

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That's Awesome!!!
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Glad you made it out alive. LOL.......
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SB, you are gusty..... If I did that......    ???????????

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HAHAHAHA I'd totally do this to my wife. I have played quite a few pranks on her over the years. Nothing crazy or mean like the ones on you tube. I have done the old jam on the breaks and scream while she's sleeping in the car so she thinks we are about to crash. She's also very afraid of spiders, so over the years I've hidden 1 here or there waiting for her. Maybe 2 years after we started dating my mother took a nasty fall and when my wife asked what happened I told her the horrible story of how my mother was mugged just for her to go to my mom and start saying what a terrible ordeal it must have been. ha ha you should have seen the look on her face when my mom told her it was only a slip and fall and was looking at her like she was crazy.

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Boy, i have met your wife. You are a lucky man she did not whup your butt . Great gag by the way!!!

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Great reaction, I take it Fred is going to be still looking for a home for quite some time  ROTF.gif

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