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Oldschool's Smoking Advice

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Originally Posted by oldschoolbbq View Post

Bubba, I tried to tell you earlier... PATIENCE tempers a man. You had a Stall , in Briskets they could last six , seven hrs. or more .


Little trick , easy... first , we cook to temperature , now on large pieces like Brisket or Butt , figure a cooking time @ 1.5X the meat's weight in hours , then add a couple more , remember , low-n'-slow=patience. Another thought . Physics... Heat=pressure , right , osmosis occurs in heat (warmth), meat is best when moist. With me , opening the Smoker lid would quickly cool off the temp. for rising heat , more time needed to cook the Beast. Now this is cool , drink and have a good time , you'll not be mesing with the meat . So ,leaving the lid shut will keep the meat moist(from the juices hitting the hot bottom),decrease cooking time and makes for a great Bark.  The meat won't walk away , so no need to keep looking ; if you're looking , you're not cookingicon_exclaim.gif


Try one that way and see if I'm right or wrong---and tell me , I've got wide shoulders.biggrin.gif


Ya'll have a great time and if you get over by Temple , tell them Stan said hello.confused.gif

 gave me this advice last year and this has been a tremendous help.  I still don't have it mastered, but my smoking has definitely improved. 


I put a 6.6 lb brisket on at 6 this morning and had her done at 2:40.......I was figuring I'd be done at around 4 p.m.  Back when I first got my smoker, I would still be looking at my watch and thermometer waiting for it to get done.  Keeping the door closed and the heat in did the trick for me so if anyone else is having the same problem, consider the above advice. 


Granted, I haven't sliced the brisket yet, it's been wrapped in foil, towels and in the cooler since it came off, but from the looks of it, it's going to be more than serviceable!


Now I'm gonna go have another beer and wait for everyone to get home to slice'er up!!

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Bubba, morning..... great story....  great advice.....     Dave..... 

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Great advice that needs to be passed along to all the newbies. I was a looker when I started out. I've had two butts in for 13 hrs and haven't even peeked yet.
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Enjoyed that story, Bubba, and its great advice! 



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Yeah, everyone has to play with it. Leave the the thing ALONE. Watching it ain't gonna make it cook faster. If you don't have patience you may want to look for another hobby.
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Turned out pretty nicely. Still not as juicy as I like, but definitely not dry. Does anyone know if you can leave it wrapped in towels and in a cooler for too long?

Let's eat!

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If you leave it wrapped and the remote therm in it, I would think until it gets to 135 F, it would be fine....  after that, a little heat or refrigeration is needed or eat it....  Just to be on the safe side....     



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I cut it at 150 so that wasnt the problem with the juiciness. Well, i'll have to try again soon.
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