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first attempt ribs 3-2-1

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Hello again, Two weeks ago I did my first shoulder and with all your help turned out amazing.  Now I'll be trying ribs this coming Monday,(St.Louis style) I do have a question though, I will be smoking 4 racks 12 lbs total and using the 3-2-1 method I have been reading about,  will 4 racks alter the time due to the amount of meat in the smoker (MES 30" electric) or as i'm assuming as long as you keep your constant temps it wouldnt matter.


Someone mentioned about putting a tray of beans in with my shoulders and cant get that thought out of my head so i'll be trying that with the ribs if I have the space.  


Thanks in advance guys.



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I think as long as they have space and the temps are good, it should be too! I never foil mine and they never dry out.  Personal preference for me though.  Always turns out epic. 2 hours smoke (225), 2 hours (200), 1 hour sauced.  Took me a while to figure out that that's what I enjoyed best.

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Thanks for the reply Rev,  Will post a follow up when I get them done tomorrow.

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How'd it go?

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Just now put them in the smoker, noon here. I'll update with pics as it progresses.
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Full house!

I'm in on this one for sure! popcorn.gif

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Turned out amazing, likely the most tender ribs I've ever had, thanks to everyone for all the info. [IMG]
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Look nice,Scutlebut . Now you can save some $ by not going to that(yuk) Restaurant for sub-normal Ribs...LOL

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