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New grill... can I smoke?

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HI Everyone.  Just joined after having my new grill for a total of 2 hours!


I pickup up this bbq for next to nothing used (the thing looks brand new if you ask me!).  The left side is basically an open cavity underneath the grate for charcoal with a shelf that can be raised or lowered.  I know I can't turn this into a proper wood smoker, but will I be able to use it with a smoker box?


The only smoker I have been exposed to is my brothers Traeger, which needs very little attention once it gets going.  We would eventually love to be able to use this for smoking a pork butt for some pulled pork in the very near future.


Thanks for your help,


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Jen, welcome to Smoking Meat Forums.  If we had a picture of your unit, we could better help you. But in answer to you question, I'm going to give you a qualified "Sort of".  On the left side you have a place for charcoal and the right side I'm going to guess is a propane grill?


You can come close to smoking on the charcoal side by using the indirect method of cooking.  What this means is your lit charcoal and wood chunks will be on one side and the  food will be above and to the side so it isn't sitting right over the charcoal like it would be if you were grilling.

Do a search of the Minion method for lighting your charcoal. You don't want a blazing hot fire-you want temps between 225° and 250° for low and slow cooking.


You can use a smoke box when grilling and it will impart a smoked flavor to your foods but it won't be bbq.



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