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Smoking wings today

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I have 10 lbs of wings divided into 3 different flavor rub/marinades.  First is a smoky maple/honey/brown sugar mostly dry rub.  Next is a garlic/pepper/adobo dry rub with a Sweet Baby Ray.'s BBQ sauce marinade.  Finally comes the cayenne/7 pepper blend rub followed by sweet chili marinade.   I will be using hickory in my offset smoker @ 300* for about an hour.  I may have to crisp the skin on the grill afterwards.

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Make sure you show q-views!  We all wanna see!


Would you mind popping over to Roll Call so we can give you a proper SMF welcome?



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Oooo , Tubs. drool.gif Those look 'Killer' icon_exclaim.gif


Do give us the recipes of the rubs , they sound homeade .  I need to save some $cratch and get me a load of Bird Arms . The Kid and Grand Kids are the only ones that like them , but if I get enough to feed all of us (the Boy and I are BIG eaters)wings, Trish and I would have nothing to chew on, (she doesn't like stuff on bones) . Goes to show ya, once it's found a product is popular, it goes sky high , that's PooPoo , Yardbird is not that hard to raise icon_eek.gif .


Oh, that's right icon_exclaim.gif They must feed them a special food, no more scraps... wish I could have a coop here , I live in a farm town and yet , no livestock icon_exclaim.gif


I'm sorry ,hijack.gif . I'm done griping now, I'll go take my Prozac confused.gif


Just . . .

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Hi Tubs.


Those wings look deelicious!  Nice variety...I'm with Stan, would you be willing to share your recipes?



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Looks good!!!!
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Mmmmmm.... drool.gif

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yeahthat.gif , what he said!

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Looking really good.
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