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even smoker temps?

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Ok so I understand that the equipment is very important to the results. That said I have a inexpensive  walmart side firebox smoker. Now while this is very cheap smoker I have learned to use it really well. I can make 3 racks of ribs using the 3 2 1 method and they are amazing. Now I have these ribs places to the opposite side as the fire box. I  have been asked by a friend if I would make some ribs for her sons graduation . I am very proud that they enjoy my ribs enough for me to do this for her. My problem is I will need to use entire smoker surface and make 6 racks. The temp that is directly off the fire box is much higher than other side of grill. How do I manage this issue. Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated. As a background I use a dry rub with a brown sugar layer spritzing with vinegar and water every 45 minutes for first 3 hours. I cook at 225 - 250 as measured at far end of smoker. I know the easy fix would be to invest in a better smoker but alas it is this smoker I must use.

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You can do it!  Just rotate the ribs from end to end in the chamber. Once foiled i have stacked them But unless you feel comfortable doing this you may want to plan on doing multiple cooks.

 how many racks of ribs are you doing?

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im doing 6 racks which will cover all surface area.

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Also, get some Rib Racks at you Big Box store and place them in them at the cooler end of you Smoker, all 6 can be done this way.


Just sayin' , have fun ans as always. . .

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I have a rib rack and have never used it as I am concerned with loosing juice . How do you use them properly

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