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Beef Arm Roast

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I have a few people coming bye tomorrow to help me stain my deck. So I decided I would treat them to a good smoked dinner. I have a beef arm roast, I have allowed to thaw in my fridge for the last 2+ days. Tonight I applied a rub mixture of brown sugar and smokey BBQ rub I had laying around. My plan is to start it tomorrow in my Masterbuilt 30" analog electric smoker. Before I start it I was thinking about wrapping it in bacon. Does anyone know, should the bacon be on the whole time or just for partial time? Is this a terrible idea as in ruin the meat bad or will I be ok? Anyway thanks for the assistance. I will be posting a few pictures of the process.



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Wont hurt a thing with that bacon being in there the whole time. When i make rolladen for example cut up bacon is part of the process and i put it in there uncooked.  So the bacon is part of the flavor in the end. Go for it. I'll be lookin for the results. Reinhard

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I'm with Reinhard on this one.  I don't see anything wrong with bacon-basting your beef.  Sounds yummy to me. 


Good luck!  Be sure to keep the qview coming!



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The bacon adds a lot great a flavor to beef. The bacon lays on the roast and gets rubbery during the smoke. If you put the roast and bacon in the oven at the end at 375-400 for 10-15 minutes the bacon will crisp and it doesn't push your meat up very much.


I like to put a few bacon strips on beef roasts in the roasting pan or dutch oven for flavor. Those pieces get like wet noodles and I pull and them out discard before serving.

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Thanks everyone for the help. So just started it on the smoker, with the bacon uncooked on top. I patted the bacon with a little brown sugar figured that probably wouldn't hurt and might add a little bit of flavor. So the next 2 shots are the roast before and after bacon getting ready to go on the smoker. I took the meat out of the aluminum foil before putting on the smoker. More QView to come as the day goes on.



Bacon Yummmmm... 



Thanks again everyone hope you all have a good Memorial Day weekend.

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