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First Fatty question

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Gonna smoke a couple fatties for the first time on Sunday. I was planning to do two different kinds. Planning to do some ground beef I have but it is very lean. I am planning to do 1 pound of ground beef and 1/2 pound of ground pork sausage for each fatty. Then roll it out in a gallon baggie as described in the sticky. Question is 1 1/2 pounds each to much, to little? Also what is approximate smoking time? As I understand 160 internal at 225 in the smoker. Just looking for a ball park so I can time it out. Any other tips would be greatly appreciated (freezer technique?)

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Put the fatties on early so they will be done....   wrap in foil and towels to keep warm....   The bacon should help the lean beef.....    The meat, when flattened out, should be about  3/4" thick....  Too thick and it's hard to roll and stuff...   Freezer ???  Never done that.....   Slicing using an electric knife works well... wrap sliced serving in plastic and place on baking sheet to quick freeze then place in a zip bag or vac bag to freeze... 



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Hi low budget.


Dave's got you covered.  The last fatties I did were 1.5 lbs. each, and I thought they were just about the perfect amount for stuffing and rolling.


Good luck!  And don't forget the qview!



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Thanks fellas!

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Welcome , Lowbudget. biggrin.gif A lot of us are on that level of living , if it weren't for Roadkill We'd be starving.ROTF.gif Just kidding.


Have fun here and act like Family, we all do and have fun with it . . .


Be sure to send Q-view of your exploits and ask anything you want (remember there are Kids here too), and we'll help as much as we can.


Have a safe holiday and enjoy your Summer.

 As always . . .

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