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Brisket in the SI #3- What's your wood of choice?

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Hi all.  Smoking my first Brisket in my #3.  Thinking about going with mesquite.  What's your wood of choice?


Thanks in advance for your comments.



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I really put the smoke to my briskets and butts.  Oak and hickory are fine, but I'm a little partial to pecan on the bigger cuts.

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Joeymac, welcome. I see you have high hopes. Have you not Smoked a Brisky beforeicon_question.gif


I suggest Oak , Maple or Pecan. Hickory could have a strong taste and put you guest off, ruining the feast.


I suggest getting a nice Pork Butt and doing that. A brisket is a dificult cut. Lasting way farther in the smoke than you would imagine and if not thouroughly done will be like shoe leather.


You will need a lot of 'Patience ' to pull it off right. Holding a fairly steady heat and tracking the heat will wear you out and even prompt you to take it to the 'Oven' for a finish. Not a bad way to go if you have an emergency , however a lot of the Love you want , is lost in the belly of a Stove.


I don't know you type of Smoker , but I do know you will need a lot of 'Paticence' in doing this cook.You want a tender Brisky for your guest :

  as in thers tow Q-views


 the Point absolutely feel off on this one as I removed it from the Smoker.

The Flat was moist and easily sliced as it should . I took mine direct to 200*F without opening my Smoker, just my way.

brisket cook 5-17-12 027.JPG It was tender , juicy , had a great Smokering and lasted onlt one meal. My Vultures destroy them (sometimes) before it gets to the table. That's why I do several:

 One is never enough and leftovers are unheard of, but I love the smiles I get after a good meal.


I'm not saying you can't do it , I am here to suggest you gather your patience , and a lot of it to do this; once you get it to toothpick tender(push in and out like Butter), you've succeeded. Getting there is a PITA.


Make sure you have good Therms. and take it to 200*F for doneness. wrap in double foil layers and rest (wrapped in a towel and placed in a cooler to rest an hour or so ,up to 6hrs.


I don't use the foil as a crutch , but you may choose to try that method (easier to tenderize ) . You will have to pull it at 165*F to foil and replace it back on the Smoker till it gets to 200*F , then rest.


Hope you have a great day and give a salute to our Heros ,both Military and Civil ( Fire .Police,ect.).


have fun and as always . . .

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I've done brisket with hickory and with mesquite (no shortage of mesquite here!) 


I really like mesquite for brisket. Hickory is pretty durn good too, though. 


I've thought about adding some fruit wood sometime, but I get set in my ways and sometimes am hesitant to try new. 


Edit to add: to go on the devil's advocate of what was posted above me: brisket was the first thing I ever smoked. It was delicious, and I don't find it near as difficult as some say it is. Patience however, is still key. 

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