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What kind of Wood Would you use?

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What is your favorite wood to use when you smoke?


If you use different wood for different meats what do you like to use on fish chicken beef etc.  ?

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I am partial to Hickory....still my favorite!



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Brisket - Hickory and/or Mesquite

Ribs - hickory and apple mix

chicken - mesquite and apple mix

fish - alder only


but it also depends on what you like , i do mix it up just to see what the wood does to the taste

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I like to mix things up.  It also depends on what I have on hand. The only thing my wife insists on is the hickory/pecan mix for ribs.  Frankly I agree with her!

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Hickory is my base but i enjoy a blend hickory and a fruit wood for most everything especially pork.  I'm smoking this weekend with hickory and maple.

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I use pecan for most everything..


Its free..growing in the yard!!



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I can't get Pecan as some of the 'lucky' folk can , so I use:

Hickory-because I love it on Beef and some Fowl

Oak as an extender and for some staeks

Maple on Chicken , Pork Loin

Cherry on Ribs and BB's and Butts , when I have enough.

I don't do fish with Alder anymore $$$ - but it does well in Maple

Apple is aother good one for Pork


All are locally available and if I need something , I go to a friends and repay them with some goodies...


Have fun and as always. . .

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I've started enjoying cherry with beef, and orange with turkey.

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